Information concerning the COVID-19 pandemic


As part of the measures taken to deal with the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to inform you of the measures taken by GEMINI to ensure the continuity of its activities.

A few weeks ago, GEMINI Collective Foundation set up a special working group to deal with this issue, in order to define instructions on how to behave and analyse the developments on an ongoing basis. Within this process, the main processes of the various divisions of the company were analysed and measures to maintain business operations have been implemented. These include system access and access rights. As a result, all our teams are currently operational.

GEMINI Collective Foundation has a business continuity plan in place to guarantee critical activities and maintain the necessary infrastructure. This also includes our locations abroad. In the event of a pandemic, the plan includes a number of measures to minimize the risk of infection in the workplace and to maintain the necessary operations. These measures are also based on the general developments of the situation and any guidelines issued by the authorities.

In order to be able to guarantee operations at all times, a large part of the staff is now working from home. Data protection is taken into account. In the area of beneficiary management, we have made use of team-splittings: some teams work geographically separated from each other. Several additional telephone conference lines are available in order to avoid physical meetings.

Due to this particular context, the response time to requests from beneficiaries may be slightly longer than usual. However, thanks to the measures taken, we are still able to ensure that all critical processes and services for our clients will be provided.

In order to ensure accessibility, we kindly ask you to communicate with your contact persons by using their direct telephone number or e-mail.