GEMINI Collective Foundation

Tailor-made pension solutions


With GEMINI, you are free to determine the parameters of your pension fund solution, from financing and benefits to investments. GEMINI pools the assets of your employee benefits unit to ensure their cost-effective investment.


GEMINI pension solutions are…



  • You are free to determine the benefits offered by your employee benefits unit
  • Thanks to the collective solution, you are saving administrative costs


  • Your employee benefits unit is managed on the basis of its own annual accounts and coverage ratio
  • We provide you with regular reports regarding your employee benefits unit


  • GEMINI is not affiliated with any bank or insurance company
  • We have strict separation of powers at all levels

Our pension solutions


Your employee benefits unit

GEMINI manages your affiliated company as a separate employee benefits unit, which functions just like an autonomous pension fund. GEMINI draws up separate annual accounts for your employee benefits unit, including a balance sheet and income statement as well as an individual coverage ratio.


Four investment strategies (pools)

Affiliated companies can choose between four investment strategies (pools) which distinguish themselves through different equity shares. A common feature of all four strategies are their low costs. Investment strategies can be changed twice a year.

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Individual customer support

GEMINI assigns you your own personal customer advisor who is supported by a team of experts from all pension-related disciplines. Our specialised customer support meets the needs of HR departments, pension fund committees and brokers. 


Executive pension provision

GEMINI gives you a choice between traditional executive solutions and 1e pension plans. The 1e plans allow your employees to choose their investment strategy.

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Individual investment strategy

If your investment volume is CHF 10 million or above, you can also choose your own investment strategy.