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Frequently asked questions on the extraordinary situation due to the COVID19 pandemic


Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about how the GEMINI Collective Foundation is dealing with the COVID19 pandemic (Coronavirus). This FAQ will be continuously updated. If you have further questions, please contact: servicenot shown@geminito make live hard for spam bots.ch. 




How is the operation of GEMINI ensured despite the extraordinary situation?

Avadis, which manages the business of the GEMINI Collective Foundation, has a Business Continuity Plan to ensure the critical business processes and to maintain the necessary infrastructure. The plan provides for a series of measures to minimize the risk of infection in the workplace and to maintain the necessary operations. These measures are also based on the general development of the situation and any guidelines issued by the authorities.

Due to the special situation, it is possible that reaction times may be longer than you are used to from us. However, thanks to the measures taken, we are always in a position to ensure all business-critical processes and obligations.


How can I contact the GEMINI office?

Your contact persons are still available for you. You can reach us via the following channels:


How is the payment and dunning process organised during the extraordinary situation?

The payment process is basically structured as follows: A first reminder is sent out after the payment deadline stated on the invoice. This first reminder has a payment deadline of 20 days. After this period has expired, a second reminder follows with a payment target of 10 days. After this period, the debt collection is normally initiated.

If the invoices cannot be paid within the set deadlines, please contact us or your broker.


How to bridge financial bottlenecks

According to the Federal Council resolution of 11 November 2020, until the end of 2021, employers may also use the accrued employer contribution reserves to pay employee contributions to the employee benefits scheme.


What happens if contributions cannot be paid on time?

In the event of individual financial bottlenecks, please contact your broker or client advisor directly. Together we can work out a payment plan tailored to the situation.


Will the insured salary change due to the introduction of short-time work?

The insured wage will remain the same as last reported by the employer. Wages are therefore still insured, and short-time working has no effect on the insured wage.


Is there a limitation of coverage due to the pandemic?

There are no coverage restrictions due to the special situation. The provision of benefits in the event of illness in accordance with the framework regulations or the pension plan remains unchanged.