1e executive pension provision

Free choice of investment strategy for your employees


In the executive pension field, the GEMINI Collective Foundation 1e offers six different investment strategies with equities quotas ranging from 0% to 80%. Clients who prefer individual investment strategies may choose their own strategy and asset manager.

Within the clients’ designated investment strategies, members may choose a personal investment strategy to fully participate in the performance of the selected strategy.


Comparison of the 1e investment strategies



Details of the 1e investment strategies


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Risk Profile
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Key aspects of our 1e investment strategies

  • All investment strategies invest exclusively in liquid assets (equities, bonds or money market)
  • All investment strategies are reset to the strategic value on a monthly basis (rebalancing)
  • Investment strategies can be changed every month


Ethics and sustainability

Ethics and sustainability are of high importance for the GEMINI Collective Foundation. We follow standards regarding the ecological and sustainable orientation of target investments and we apply social and ethical criteria with regard to the diverse stakeholders we work with. We have reviewed our equity and bond portfolios and have excluded securities that violate the Ottawa Convention (Anti-Personnel Mines) and the Oslo Convention (Convention on Cluster Munitions). The investment committee regularly discusses the topic of ethics and sustainability.