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GEMINI 1e – a transparent and flexible executive pension solution


By offering 1e pension plans, you can provide your executives with a supplementary insurance option and position yourself as a progressive employer. Under the GEMINI 1e pension solution, your employees can choose between six different investment strategies and fully participate in their performance.


Advantages of 1e pension plans…


…for your company

  • Your company can reduce pension fund liabilities on its balance sheet.
  • Your executives receive an incentive in the form of a supplementary insurance option which positions your company as a progressive employer. 
  • GEMINI takes over the administration of your employee benefits unit and provides you with transparent monthly reports.

…for your employees

  • Free choice of investment strategy allowing them to invest retirement assets according to their personal situation.
  • Full participation in the performance of financial markets with opportunities for higher long-term returns.
  • Online portal where members can determine their risk profile and investment strategy and retrieve up-to-date documents. 

Our GEMINI 1e pension solution


Six investment strategies

GEMINI 1e offers your members a choice between six different investment strategies which they can change on a monthly basis.

More on 1e investment strategies >


Efficient implementation

GEMINI regularly reviews the conditions offered by its suppliers (e.g. asset managers) and optimises current processes to keep general administration and asset management costs low.


Long-standing experience

GEMINI is a pioneer in the field of 1e pension plans: The Foundation has over 20 years of experience in supplying individual investment solutions to members in the 2nd pillar. 


High level of flexibility

We offer you the perfect 1e pension solution, whether your company has its own pension fund or is affiliated with a collective foundation.



What are 1e pension plans?

Members with annual salaries of CHF 129,060 or above are free to determine their strategy for salary components exceeding this threshold (non-mandatory segment). In practice, such investments are referred to as 1e pension plans since they are based on Article 1e of the Swiss Ordinance on Occupational Retirement, Survivors’ and Disability Benefit Plans (BVV 2).



1e pension plans in simple terms

What are 1e pension plans and what are the benefits for your company and your employees?

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If you have any questions regarding our 1e pension solution or would like us to prepare an offer for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.